Flexible Working: How Women Over 50 Are Redefining Success


We often discuss flexible working for women over 50 and additional or supplemental income when redesigning our later life, but many of us don’t know where to start. Truth be told, we are living longer today and able to do more than in the past. Also, we want to be able to earn well into our later years. This blog explores the concept of flexible working for women over 50, highlighting the benefits, popular options, and how to navigate this evolving landscape.

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Redefining Work

In today’s dynamic work environment, women over 50 are redefining their career paths by embracing flexible work opportunities. Balancing professional aspirations with personal commitments becomes increasingly important as we age. The digital age has brought about a revolution in the way we work. Remote jobs have become more prevalent, allowing women over 50 to harness their skills from the comfort of their homes.

Working during the pandemic has reshaped our perspective on work engagement. The traditional notions of the workplace have been challenged, giving rise to new paradigms and approaches. Remote work, digital collaboration tools, and a heightened awareness of work-life balance have become integral aspects of this redefined flexible working landscape. The pandemic forced us to adapt swiftly, prompting a reflection on the essence of work and how it can be effectively and meaningfully pursued to offer more flexibility.

Why Flexibility Matters

The Pursuit of Work-Life Balance

As we enter our 50s, we yearn for a better work-life balance. Flexible working provides the autonomy to manage professional responsibilities while tending to personal priorities.

We are often referred to as the sandwich generation, having to be caregivers to our ageing parents whilst still living with adult children who find it hard to leave the nest with the prevailing economic conditions.

Striking this balance is crucial for overall well-being and satisfaction. With decades of experience under our belts, women in our 50s can also use our experience to continue contributing to society in a flexible working environment.

Flexible Work for Women Over 50

1. Remote Work Options

The rise of remote work has opened doors for women over 50 to contribute to various industries from the comfort of their homes. Remote positions eliminate commuting hassles and offer flexibility that empowers women to design their workspaces.

Here are some examples:

  • Virtual Assistance: Offering administrative support remotely.
  • Online Tutoring: Sharing expertise in a specific subject or skill.
  • Content Writing: Creating blog posts, articles, or marketing content.
  • Direct and Influence Sales: Selling products using social media 

Source: FlexJobs – Remote Work Trends

2. Consulting and Advisory Roles

Women in their 50s have decades of valuable experience and the opportunity to transition into consulting or advisory roles seamlessly. Their wealth of knowledge becomes an asset as they offer insights into business strategies, provide personalised financial guidance or assist individuals in navigating their professional paths. This transition not only leverages their extensive expertise but also opens up new avenues for continued growth and contribution in the professional arena.

  • Business Consultant: Offering help with business strategy.
  • Financial Advisor: Providing financial guidance and insight.
  • Career Coach: Assisting individuals in charting their career goals.

Source: Harvard Business Review – The Value of Hiring Older Workers

3. Mentoring and Coaching

Another way to utilise accumulated experience is by taking on mentoring or coaching roles where individuals can share their wealth of knowledge and insights. This benefits those seeking guidance and allows experienced individuals to play a pivotal role in fostering personal and professional development within their chosen fields.

Examples include:

  • Executive Mentor: Guiding individuals in leadership positions.
  • Life Coach: Guiding personal and professional development.
  • Industry-specific Mentor: Sharing insights within a specific sector.

Source: AARP – Mentoring and the Older Worker

4. Freelancing and Consulting

Freelancing provides the freedom to work on short-term projects, offering expertise without committing to a full-time role. Based on years of experience, consulting allows women over 50 to share their wealth of knowledge in a flexible way.

Examples of freelancing avenues include:

  • Freelance Writing: Contributing articles to websites or magazines.
  • Graphic Design: Creating visual content for businesses.
  • Consulting: Providing expertise on a project basis.
  • Virtual Assistance and Admin Support: Supporting administrative skills remotely.

Source: Forbes – Rise of the Gig Economy

Learning New Skills for a Dynamic Workforce

Online Courses and Certifications

In today’s dynamic marketplace, prioritising continuous learning is crucial. Women over 50 can actively participate in their personal development by exploring various online courses and certifications. These digital learning opportunities empower them not only to acquire new skills needed in the digital era but also serve as a strategic pathway for adapting to the evolving demands of the world. This ensures they remain agile and well-equipped to succeed by exploring innovative ways of delivering value in today’s changing landscape.

Examples: Coursera | LinkedIn Learning

Community College and Workshops

Community colleges in the local area frequently offer cost-effective courses designed for adult learners. Workshops and seminars covering digital marketing, social media management, or project management can serve as valuable supplements to an individual’s skill set.

Moreover, women over 50 can share their expertise at these institutions, creating a mutually beneficial scenario contributing to the community’s learning environment. This collaboration becomes a win-win situation for individuals seeking knowledge and the community spaces fostering skill development.

Navigating the Job Landscape

1. Skill Assessment

Identify your skills and strengths as a foundation for identifying a flexible job that aligns with your expertise. Consider upskilling or enrolling in relevant courses to augment your qualifications and broaden your professional capabilities if necessary. This proactive approach ensures that your skill set stays current and adaptable to the evolving demands of the job market, enhancing your prospects for success in a flexible work environment.

2. Networking

Actively participate in online and offline professional networks to establish valuable connections. Networking serves as a gateway to unlocking flexible opportunities and offers insights into industries that highly appreciate the expertise of seasoned professionals. By engaging in these networks, individuals broaden their professional circles and gain access to a wealth of information, ultimately enhancing their chances of discovering and securing rewarding opportunities in the flexible job market.

3. Job Platforms and Resources

Look for specialised job platforms tailored for flexible work arrangements. Websites such as Job Redefined, Restless, and WorkingWise, to name a few, are dedicated to linking over 50s with various job opportunities. These platforms provide a targeted space where individuals can explore, apply, and connect with employers seeking candidates interested in flexible work arrangements. By using these platforms, individuals enhance their chances of finding roles that align with their preferences and skills in the dynamic landscape of flexible employment.


As a woman over 50 navigating the evolving work landscape, flexible job options provide a gateway to balancing professional growth with personal fulfilment. Women over 50 have a wealth of experience that can be harnessed in various flexible job opportunities. You can confidently navigate the workforce by embracing remote work, exploring freelancing, and using your expertise in specialised fields.

The commitment to continuous learning ensures women over 50 remain agile and competitive in the dynamic world of work. Embracing these opportunities ensures financial independence and allows women to align their careers with their life’s changing seasons. The journey towards flexible employment for women over 50 is a testament to this dynamic demographic’s adaptability and resilience.

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Using the advice we share in this blog, many women, including me, have found relief and are better able to manage this transition of life and feel more fulfilled both at home, and at work.

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