Discovering Serenity: Finding Peace Within Yourself

Finding peace within yourself is one of the most fulfilling experiences, yet it is so elusive. In the midst of life’s turmoil, stress has become an unwelcome companion for many of us. The constant demands of work, the digital chaos, and the pressures of modern existence can leave our minds weary and our spirits worn. It was in this state that I found myself yearning for a respite from the everyday grind.

And so, I turned to the beach, making it a staycation of sorts, within England’s shores in Devon – a place where the soothing symphony of waves and the vastness of the sea promised a chance to escape, unwind, and heal. We even got four of the five days of outside weather – a real treat in England!!!

Stress: A Constant Battle

Stress had worn me down, battered and bruised, leaving me anxious and drained, with looming deadlines and constant pressure to deliver at work that had drained me. A break was needed – a chance to catch my breath and reset, to find peace within myself, so I decided to use these strategies for stress and distress with a beach holiday.

With its endless horizon and gentle waves, the beach beckoned like a distant dream. On arrival, the rhythm of the waves seemed to synchronize with the beating of my heart, and for the first time in a long while, I felt a sense of calm envelop me. The sea has this uncanny way of making you find peace within yourself.

Finding Peace Within Yourself

The salty breeze kissed my skin, carrying away the worries that had clung to me for far too long. As I closed my eyes, the sun’s warmth seeped into my bones, soothing the tension that had knotted my muscles. The sand, cool and grainy beneath my feet, grounded me in the present moment. With each passing minute, the beach was stitching together the frayed edges of my spirit, therefore weaving a tapestry of healing and renewal.

A Digital Detox

The incessant buzz of notifications and the constant lure of screens had left me feeling perpetually buzzed. But the beach came through – with no Wi-Fi to distract me, I was forced to disconnect – to be present truly. I watched as children built sandcastles, couples strolled hand in hand, and families shared laughter over picnics.

It was a reminder that life existed beyond the digital realm and a lesson in the art of mindfulness. The beach had granted me a digital detox, and in return, I was gifted with mental clarity and a sense of quietude I had long forgotten. My husband and I enjoyed our long walks with the sand on our toes. On days when the weather was inclement, we spent hours playing board games with our daughter.

A Tantalising Treat

There was no shortage of good food at Saunton Sands, where we had our chosen respite. As I sat by the sun-kissed shoreline, the aroma of sizzling seafood from the restaurant filling the air with an irresistible allure. As I took that first bite, a burst of oceanic delight flooded my senses – the delicate sweetness of fresh seafood perfectly complemented by a hint of smokiness from the grill. Each succulent morsel a journey in itself, releasing a fusion of textures and tastes that transport me to a realm of pure culinary ecstasy.

Indeed, if food is the way to my heart…with each bite, I felt a deeper connection to the coastal surroundings. The ocean’s rhythm harmonizing with the symphony of flavours in a dance of indulgence-  a sensory voyage, a moment suspended in time where the world fades away. The only reality is the sheer delight of savouring good food in the tranquil embrace of the beach.

The Beach’s Lasting Gift

As my beach retreat ended and I reluctantly packed my bags, I knew that the gifts it had bestowed upon me would remain. The tranquillity, the clarity, and the sense of renewal had become a part of me. Back in the midst of daily life, I found that I could conjure the beach’s embrace whenever I needed it. During a hectic meeting, a stressful commute, or even in the quiet moments before sleep.

How can you get the most out of your beach getaway?

Lose yourself in a captivating book

Lose yourself in a captivating book or magazine as the gentle ocean breeze surrounds you. If you are old school like me, take a physical page-turner, but of course, the digital Kindle will do just as well. There’s something incredibly soothing and liberating about getting lost in the pages of a good book. Reading allows you to explore new worlds, experience different perspectives, and temporarily leave behind the stresses of everyday life. Whether it’s a gripping mystery, a fantastical adventure, or a heartwarming romance, the right book can provide a much-needed escape and bring a sense of peace and relaxation. Happy reading! If you ever need book recommendations, feel free to ask!

Enjoy a delightful Picnic

Indulge in the simple pleasures of life with a delightful picnic or savor the exquisite experience of beachside dining, with the mesmerizing backdrop of the ocean waves. Spread a blanket under the shade of a tree and enjoy a cozy table right by the sandy shores. The fresh breeze carries the tantalizing aroma of your favorite dishes, enhancing the taste of every bite. It’s not just a meal; it’s a holistic experience where the taste buds dance with joy, and the soul finds solace in the tranquil surroundings. So, whether you’re enjoying a casual outing or a romantic evening, let the fusion of delectable flavors and the scenic ocean views elevate your dining experience to a whole new level of blissful indulgence.

Embrace the serenity of beach yoga and meditation

Allow the gentle rhythm of the waves to guide your mindfulness journey. The soft sand beneath your feet becomes a natural mat, connecting you with the earth. Breathe in the salty ocean air. With each yoga pose, synchronize your movements with the lapping of the waves, find balance and harmony in the present moment. The sound of seagulls overhead and the warmth of the sun on your skin evidently create a tranquil atmosphere, enhancing your sense of peace. As you close your eyes and delve into meditation, the rhythmic sounds of the waves become a soothing lullaby, calming your mind and inviting profound relaxation.

Take a leisurely stroll along the shoreline

Indulge in the serenity of a leisurely shoreline stroll. The rhythmic sounds of waves and the gentle touch of sand beneath your feet will create an especially tranquil symphony. Engage in the delightful pursuit of collecting seashells and unique rocks. The salty breeze carries away your concerns, allowing your mind to wander freely. This simple act of connecting with the natural world provides a powerful escape, refreshing your spirit and rejuvenating your soul. Embrace the therapeutic essence of this seaside ritual, and let the beauty of the beach clear your mind.

Take a revitalizing swim in the sea.

Feel the warm sun on your skin as you lie back, soaking in its soothing heat. Take a refreshing dip in the sea whenever you need to cool off. Dive into the water and let it invigorate your senses, washing away any tiredness. The sun and the sea work together to give you a perfect moment of relaxation. Enjoy the calming sound of waves as you unwind on the beach. Embrace this tranquil escape and let the sun and sea actively revive your energy, on balance, leaving you refreshed and content.


I absolutely love spending time at the beach, unquestionably, nothing soothes me more. It’s incredible how a few days by the seaside can instantly melt away my stress. They can bring me a sense of deep relaxation, loosening my internal stress knots. Whether it’s the soothing sound of the waves or the various activities available, the beach has this magical ability to help anyone find inner peace. Give it a try and experience the stress-relieving wonders of the beach for yourself.

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