Clear the Fog

Clear the Fog

Clear Your Menopausal Brain Fog

Are you in Menopause struggling with brain fog that’s robbing you of

●      clear & focused thoughts?

●      being able to remember things that just a few years ago was no problem?

●      focus and concentration, especially at work?

As a professional woman who’s having difficulties concentrating, suffering from poor memory, and decision-making, you know it’s affecting your productivity and confidence at work.

You just don’t feel on top of your game like you once did.

Instead, you want…

   Improved memory and focus,

   A sharper mind

   to feel more present and focused at work and at home with your family

You just want to feel like your old self again!

You’ve tried over the counter supplements that didn’t work.

You’ve vowed to try harder to stay on top of things, only to be disappointed,

You’ve relied on caffeine for a quick boost, but that only led to mid-afternoon energy crashes.

It’s not your fault!

It’s about understanding the root cause of your Menopausal brain fog and taking a holistic, whole health approach, which is exactly what I help my clients with.

Introducing The Clear Your Menopausal Brain Fog Program…

Clear Your Menopausal Brain Fog (CYMBF) is designed for professional women, just like you, to increase your focus, improve your memory, and regain confidence in yourself to perform at work.

What’s included:

3 Private 45 Minute Coaching Sessions where we’ll dive deeper into rediscovering your confidence.

We will look at ways to

      Reduce stress and anxiety associated with menopause and brain fog.

      Enhance self-compassion and build resilience during this transition.

      Develop techniques for improved sleep and relaxation.

      Foster a sense of calm and inner peace to navigate brain fog with greater ease.

(valued at $500, but included with enrolment)

Plus, you’ll receive these exclusive bonuses…

Bonus # 1: Foods That Beat the Brain Fog – Uncover the specific foods that support your brain health and keep you sharp (valued at $97, but included with enrolment)

Bonus #2: Eliminate Night Sweats – Bedtime routine habits specific to Menopausal women to wake up (valued at $127, but included with enrolment)

The total value of everything included inside of Clear Your Menopausal Brain Fog is $725 but because this is a new program and I’m going to customize it with you as we go based on your specific needs and feedback, I’m offering it at a 1 time only special savings.

You can grab Clear Your Menopausal Brain Fog for just $147!

Hi, I’m Teri!

Licensed Menopause Champion & Certified Wellness Coach

I’m here to guide you through the transformative journey of menopause!

I know firsthand how frustrating brain fog during menopause can be. I used to forget why I went to the kitchen, misplace my keys constantly, and even forgot to pick up my daughter once. At work, I’d blank out on important facts and figures, and once, I lost my train of thought in the middle of a big project pitch. I knew I needed a change.

After a lot of trial and error, I finally discovered a combination of strategies that worked wonders for me. Now, I’m excited to share my secrets with you!

I’m passionate about helping professional women thrive during Menopause because I was once in your shoes. Having experienced menopause during covid, and not finding relevant relief, I understand the unique struggles professional women face during this phase of life.

I offer holistic solutions to help you manage menopause symptoms and thrive in both your personal and professional life. The approach combines personalised coaching, evidence-based strategies, and unwavering support to empower you to embrace this new chapter with confidence and vitality.

What 2 of my amazing Menopausal clients have said:

Working with Teri has been life changing. Her personalized approach helped me regain control over my health and well-being during menopause.”                                       ~Marie from London


I can’t thank Teri enough for her guidance. Her strategies for managing brain fog have been invaluable, and I feel like myself again.”                                                   ~Thembi from South Africa

Ready to Sharpen Your Mind and Take Back Control of Your Brain?


         Yes, I Wanna Clear My Brain Fog[1] !


Frequently Asked Questions:

Will this program help me improve my memory and focus at work?


Absolutely! The program equips you with techniques for stress management, improved sleep, and brain-boosting exercises, all of which contribute to enhanced cognitive function and focus.


What format does this program take place in?


This program is offered through convenient online sessions, allowing you to take part from the comfort and privacy of your own home.


How long are the sessions?


Each session is 30 minutes long[2] , allowing for in-depth discussion and personalized coaching.


Is there any homework or added work needed outside of the sessions?


In order to get the best results, I encourage you to complete some light exercises or journaling prompts between sessions to reinforce learned strategies and track progress.


Will this help me feel less stressed and anxious?


Stress reduction is a core focus of the program. Through relaxation

techniques, self-compassion practices, and building resilience, you’ll learn valuable tools to manage stress and anxiety effectively.


How quickly can I expect to see results?


Great question! Many participants report feeling calmer and more in control within the first few sessions.[3]  However, the pace of progress can vary depending on individual needs.


Is this program a substitute for medical advice?


No, this program is not a substitute for medical advice. We recommend consulting a doctor for any underlying health concerns you may have.



Experience the Focus and Memory You Deserve.

Regain Confidence and Feel Like Yourself Again.

Sharper Mind, Clearer Thinking, Stronger You.


Join Clear Your Menopausal Brain Fog Now!