Clear the Fog

Clear the Fog

Are you finding in menopause that you’re not thinking clearly, that your memory isn’t quite as quick or as as good  as it used to be ? Are you finding maybe that it’s    really difficult to focus and concentrate on the tasks that you’ve got to do on hand?

As a professional woman who’s having difficulties concentrating, suffering from poor memory, and decision-making, this can lead to decreased productivity and confidence at work.

Instead, you want improved cognitive function, yearn for a sharper mind, and clearer thinking that used to be you.

You’ve tried over the counter supplements that didn’t work, willing yourself to try harder, only to be disappointed, relying on caffeine for a quick boost, only to get energy crashes?

Introducing Clear The Fog, a three session coaching program to get you back on track

Clear the Fog is designed for professional women just like you, to get you improved cognitive function, confidence in yourself to perform at work, and help you manage your stress.

What’s included: 3 Private 30 Minute Coaching Sessions  (worth $295) where we’ll dive deeper into rediscovering your confidence. We will look at ways to

  • Reduce stress and anxiety associated with menopause and brain fog.
  • Enhance self-compassion and build resilience during this transition.
  • Develop techniques for improved sleep and relaxation.
  • Foster a sense of calm and inner peace to navigate brain fog with greater ease.

Plus, you’ll receive these exclusive bonuses…

Bonus # 1: Foods to Beat the Brain fog  -Support your brain health with foods that keep you sharp. (worth $47)

Bonus #2: Sleep Softly– Bedtime routine habits to wake up refreshed. Sleep is important to ensure you face each day with clarity. (worth $47)

The total value of everything included inside of Clear The Fog  $389 but because this is a new program and I’m going to create is with you as we go based on your specific needs and feedback, I’m offering it at a 1 time only special savings.

For the next 3 days you can grab Clear The Fog for just $147. I am giving you the bonuses for free.