How to Shrink Your Waist for Health

In terms of health, your waist measurement can be a helpful indicator of your risk for certain health conditions. Excess fat around the waist, often called visceral fat, can be associated with a higher risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and other health issues. Many health organisations use waist circumference as one of the indicators for assessing obesity and related health risks.

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Turning 50 was an unexpected wake-up call. Panic surged through every fibre of my being as I wondered, “Is my youth slipping away, leaving me behind”.

Standing at the crossroads, I realized I wasn’t alone in this whirlwind of emotions. Many women over 50 experience similar moments of self-doubt and apprehension. The truth is our bodies and minds undergo natural changes as we age. It’s essential to remember that ageing is a privilege denied to many, and instead of fearing it, we must embrace a healthy and happy lifestyle over 50.

Using the advice we share in this blog, many women, including me, have found relief and are better able to manage this transition of life and feel more fulfilled both at home, and at work.